1 Ms. Marvel Detail Hints At Kamala Khan’s True Origin (Not Inhuman)

Disney +’s Ms. Marvel reveals one detail that hints at Kamala Khan’s true origin–and not that she’s an Inhuman, like in the comics. Kamala Khan first appeared in Ms. Marvel #1where she was hit with Terrigen Mist and underwent Terrigenesis that activated her latent Inhuman powers. Terrigenesis occurs when Earth-born Inhumans inhale Terrigen Mists that activate their Inhuman genes, giving them superpowers. After Terrigen Mist is sprayed over Jersey City, Kamala inhales the mist and develops the ability to shapeshift or “embiggen” herself.

However, the official trailer for Ms. Marvel did not mention Terrigen Mist and instead indicated that a powerful bracelet unlocked her powers. The first episode of Ms. Marvel confirms the bracelets as the origins of her powers in the MCU. Already, the origin of Kamala’s powers, as well as the powers themselves, have been drastically changed for Ms. Marvel, leading to questions of whether or not she’s still an Inhuman in the MCU or something else entirely. However, one character that’s been confirmed for the show might give a hint about Kamala Khan’s true origins.

Rish Shah has been confirmed to be playing the role of Kamran in Ms. Marvel. Though he wasn’t in Ms. Marvel episode 1, the official trailer showed him twice, once at a pool party and once in what appears to be Kamala’s fantasy. In the comics, Kamran is Kamala’s love interest and friend, and he undergoes Terrigenesis the same night as Kamala. However, Kamran and other Earth-born Inhumans like Kamala were then dubbed Nuhumans, an offshoot of the original Inhumans line. If Kamran is a Nuhuman, it is likely that Kamala may be one too, though clearly Nuhumans are created in a different way than in the comics. It would be a clever way for Marvel to distance itself from the MCU’s Inhumans (which Marvel clearly wants to do), without changing Kamala’s origins too greatly.

Rish Shah as Kamran Ms Marvel

Whether she is a Nuhuman or not, Ms. Marvel’s power changes prove that Disney+ isn’t shy to distance itself from the comics, which leads to not another theory, but a rumor about her origins: Kamala Khan is one of the ClanDestine. The ClanDestine are a family of powerful immortal beings who are descendants of Adam and Elayth. Their story starts in 1168 CE when Adam receives a vision from Elayth, a Djinn stuck inside a gem. Eventually, Adam saves her and they fall in love. This theory hinges on the possibility that someone from Kamala’s family is a ClanDestine–which very well could be her mysterious grandmother. The connection to the Djinn, a shape-shifting spirit that dates back to Pre-Islamic Arabia, would also fit nicely into Kamala’s culture and faith. In the comics, Djinns’ powers are typically magic-based, but their limits aren’t clear.

Either way, Kamala’s powers are certainly rooted in her family’s past. The reveal of what happened to Kamala’s grandmother is being set up as the biggest reveal in the series. The bracelets come from her grandmother, so Kamala’s powers are linked directly to her family lineage. This means Kamala can not accept her new powers without accepting her own history and culture. In addition, her mother’s comments about Ms. Marvel’s bracelets and her own mother indicate she knows the bracelets aren’t just normal bracelets.

Whether Kamala Khan is a Nuhuman or a member of the ClanDestine, Disney+’s Ms. Marvel changes Kamala’s origins to fit the story the screen is revealing. While Ms. Marvel makes many changes to the source material, it’s still sticking to the themes of the comics, changing the story enough to make it stand on its own, but without sacrificing the essential spirit of it. Like a genie, Disney+ may be able to catch lightning in a bottle with Ms. Marvel.

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