Social simulator – Animal Madness

This game is a social gambling simulator. There is no way to win or lose real prizes/money here.

Social simulator “Animal Madness” is intended only for adults aged 21+ and does not provide an opportunity to win real money or prizes depending on the outcome of the game.
Playing a social simulator “Animal Madness” does not mean future success in “real money gambling”.


A farmer’s work is never done…

From tending to your livestock to growing crops it can be a little hectic keeping things in order.

There’s always a job to be done at this madcap farm!


This fun farm-themed grid slot is perfect for enthusiasts and newcomers to grid slots. Features tie closely with the narrative and the goals are clear to follow as the symbols cascade. Spin. Match. Clear.

The Sunflower serves as a Charge Metre, with Wins petals will become highlighted and grow, each quarter of the Sunflower achieved will award a new Wilds on the grid starting with a Chicken, then a Goat, then a Sheep and finally the Cow.

The Rabbit acts as a destruction feature in the base game, on random non-winning spins either a row, column or low-paying symbols will be removed from the grid… Depending on how the rabbit is feeling.


Animal Madness online slot character

These farmyard animals aren’t as innocent as they may seem. Here to cause mischief on the grid, especially that wily rabbit!

Where’s the farmer when you need him?