Diablo 4 Introduces Necromancer Class, Sets 2023 Release Date

Blizzard has given a release window for Diablo IV and announced that a new class will be coming to the game, confirming Necromancer as the fifth and final class. The long-anticipated fourth instalment in the Diablo series was delayed in 2021 much to fans’ disappointment. Until now, Blizzard Entertainment had not given a firm answer as to when players could expect to see the next title in the innovative RPG series.

The long-running Diablo series is a dark fantasy role-playing series set in a world called Sanctuary. Although stories have varied between games, the main element of the Diablo series is the conflict between humans and demonic monsters. Players can select from a variety of classes in-game, each of which granting different powers. In past titles, classes have included Monk, Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and more. Blizzard Entertainment first announced Diablo 4 at BlizzCon in 2019, teasing that the new entry would focus more on the darker, more morbid side of the Diablo franchise.

New Diablo 4 footage was shown during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase this week, revealing a new class and as well as a release date window. Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that the game will release in 2023, and teased that a new style of play will be added to the game through the Necromancer class. Necromancers can utilize the Book of the Dead to create a fierce undead army. A Blizzard Entertainment press release also mentions new magic abilities, stating that players can: “unleash a litany of spells with Skeleton Mages, imbuing them with shadow, cold, and sacrificial magics.”

Diablo III was released in 2012 and, with such a large gap of time for Diablo fans between titles, a firm release date is bound to bring relief to many expectant players. Offering more than 150 dungeons, it’s no wonder Diablo 4has spent a long time in development, and every new reveal about the game seems to give players even more they can look forward to. The latest announcement of the new Necromancer class will undoubtedly help bring the morbid atmosphere developers have been striving for, and add a whole new dimension of in-game strategy.

Although 2023 is a long way off, as well as a very broad window of time, the 2023 release window has certainly given Diablo 4 fans something to look forward to. With over a decade since the last Diablo title, veteran players are bound to have high expectations about Diablo 4 which promises to advance the art of RPGs. A new class coupled with the game’s new tonal direction could possibly make Diablo IV the most unique gaming experience of the series yet.

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