Starfield Will Have Over 1,000 Open Planets To Explore

A full gameplay reveal trailer for Starfield was showcased by Bethesda Softworks during the recent Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 event. The highly-anticipated role-playing game will take players to The Settled Systems, a brand-new cosmic sci-fi setting that sees the galaxy mostly colonized by the 2300s. Bethesda recently delayed the release of Starfield to 2023, and now gamers have gotten their very first look at the game’s massive open world of more than 1,000 planets.

The highly-anticipated Starfield will be Bethesda Softworks’ first original property in decades. The studio has become well-known for the post-apocalyptic Fallout series and high fantasy Elder Scrolls franchise, but Starfield will craft an entirely new world within a fresh genre. Described by some developers as “NASA-Punk,” the game will feature a realistic approximation of space travel in the 24th century. However, as they explore the Settled Systems players will also come across hostile alien beings and friendly otherworldly companions. It appears that open-world space games like Starfield are becoming a trend, but Bethesda Softworks promises to put a fresh spin on the concept.

An official gameplay reveal of Starfield, shown during Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 and posted to YouTube by Bethesda Softworks, reveals that the game will let players explore more than 1,000 different planets. The 15-minute demo shows off various aspects of the sci-fi epic, including on-foot traversal of a mysterious world and an intense spaceship dogfight. The title will look familiar to fans of Bethesda’s past works, but the gameplay reveal also has truly breathtaking moments like reactive first-person shooter combat, truly robust character customization and the ability to customize the player’s ship. With more than 1,000 planets to explore, Starfield is shaping up to be Bethesda’s magnum opus.

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